Does the Pet Need Supplements?

There are simple ways to determine if a dog is not getting enough nutrition from the current diet. Owners can take a look at the coat for a start. If it is dull, lackluster, or showing signs of shedding, poor nutrition may be the culprit. The skin may become red due to irritation, or dry and flaky due to dehydration. A dry nose will become an issue if the dog is suffering from malnutrition. Halitosis is another indicator. Although most people believe dogs normally have bad breath, it is not a regular problem. Weight gain can mean there is too much fat or artificial ingredients. It can also mean the dog lacks energy and is not getting the same amount of exercise. Weight loss can indicate a loss of appetite. Some of these signs can also be indicative of other conditions, diseases, or illnesses. It is wise to bring the dog to a veterinarian to receive an accurate and professional diagnosis.

Poor nutrition can be remedied with a new dog food, adding canned food to a dry food diet, or adding pet supplements to the daily routine. Veterinarians and breeders can recommend high-quality supplements suitable to the dog. Most can be purchased at the office, or purchased online directly from the manufacturer. One line of supplements, Nuvet, is available at the company website. Supplements are offered for dogs and cats in wafer or powder form. Shampoos, stain and odor spray, and an ear cleaner are also available. Time and money savings is increased for those who sign up for the automatic delivery program. Get supplements in three, six, or twelve month supplies. Those interested in this particular brand can find Nuvet online here.

Other examples of all-natural and high-quality pet supplements include PetAg, Dinovite, and Only Natural Pets. Pet supplements are designed to support healthy systems, such as a coat, the skin, and immune system functions. It may take trying a few products to find the one that provides desired outcomes. It is an excellent idea to only purchase a thirty day supply at first to determine if the supplement will be tolerated by the dog. Every pet is different so owners should expect some experimentation until a perfect supplement is found.